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About Us


Homed is a charitable society run by students and the University of Leeds. Our members are undergraduates, postgraduates and even sometimes Alumni who want to give back to their local community and help some of the people struggling in Leeds. 


Through the work we do, Homed provides students with opportunities to meet the local community and provide assistance and companionship to the people sleeping on the streets of Leeds and others living in poverty. 

What We Do

Everyone deserves a roof over their head.

Most of our members are students, and during their university life the chances are they will end up staying in some fairly poor accommodation. However, damp and dingy student houses are nothing in comparison to the conditions some people are forced to live in around our city.


Homelessness is not a choice, and all of us here at Homed believe that everyone has the right to a roof over their head and a meal on their table, no matter their circumstance or past.


Everyone deserves a home.

As much as we would love to, we can't provide everyone with a house. However, what we can provide is a few home comforts, whether it's a freshly cooked meal, cosy blankets or an evening filled with sociable activities.


Through the weekly projects we run our student volunteers make small but measurable differences to the homeless of Leeds through their donations of time and supplies.

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