COMMITTEE 2019 - 2020

Our dedicated Committee is made up of a team of enthusiastic and hard working individuals from the University of Leeds. They are elected by our members at the end of the summer term and work throughout the year to continue the three main efforts of Homed; fundraising, volunteering and campaigning.

Meghan Takwani


I am a final year history student and have recently returned from a study abroad year in Spain. I have been involved with HOMED since my first year at Leeds. I began as a volunteer before moving on to become the head coordinator for Emmaus. HOMED is a very rewarding and worthwhile society to be a part of. It approaches homelessness on a personal level, and I believe that everyone involved truly makes a difference. I am very excited to take on the role of president this year; to continue the amazing work of past committees and keep HOMED’s momentum going!

Shaun Ambrose


I am in my third-year at Leeds, studying civil engineering. I have been volunteering with Homed since first year. My interest in volunteering began when I would walk through the city centre each day going to uni and see the amount of people who have been left behind by society. Homed has allowed me to support a cause I am passionate about, just by giving up a few hours of my time each week. I am looking forward to building on the positive changes from previous committees as my role as the incoming treasurer.

Elisha Gallivan

Events Co-Coordinator

I am a medical student in my fifth year of studying at Leeds and this is my fourth year being involved in Homed. I first joined as a Bracken hostel coordinator and then became head Oakdale coordinator. Last year I acted as President of Homed and I loved being so involved in managing the team and watching Homed progress!

I grew up in Middle Eastern cities where homelessness is hardly publicly seen, so when I moved to Leeds the issue stood out to me and I was keen to get involved in helping the local community. Homed is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and positively influence their day through simple acts of kindness such as making a meal with them. I loved getting more involved as part of the committee last year and can't wait to continue to watch Homed grow more this year as Events Coordinator. 

Jake Coote

Head Sandwich Run Coordinator

I’m Jake, a 1st year undergraduate student studying Geography with Transport. I joined homed because I wanted to give back to the community and get better grasp of we can deal with those pressing issues like poverty and homelessness.

Toni Olukiran

Head Oakdale Coordinator

I’m Toni and I’m a fourth year student studying English, having come back from doing a year in industry in Spain. I started volunteering for Homed in the beginning of second year and later became a coordinator for Emmaus Hostel. It is a truly fantastic experience to be able to connect with the residents and build relationships with them. I’m really excited to continue working with everyone and see Homed working hard to continue to make a genuine difference to the community in Leeds.

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Sarah Hignett


Hello, I’m Sarah, the secretary for Homed, and this is my fourth year in Homed. I really enjoy being in the society as it offers a chance to help other people, learn lots about homelessness and meet some new friends too! I am excited to see what Homed can achieve this next year.

Amy Silver

Head St. Francis House Coordinator

I am a fourth year medical student, but currently completing an intercalated degree in Clinical Anatomy. I have now been involved with Homed for two years, beginning as a coordinator for Oakdale and last year serving as treasurer. Whilst securing grants to support our work has been very gratifying, I’m excited to immerse myself in the volunteering aspect once again. After some difficulties last year, I hope to improve engagement with the residents from Francis House so that they can receive full benefit of the hard work invested by our committed volunteers. I look forward to getting to know the individuals at Francis House and seeing first-hand the positive impact that our society can have.

Nadia Vermeulen

Head Seacole Coordinator

I am studying Natural Sciences and began to be involved with Homed last year, when I was a coordinator for Seacole House. The society offers a chance for students to help people outside of the university sphere and I’ve enjoyed getting to know hostel residents and becoming more aware of youth homelessness. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the Seacole residents. 

Elise Lansdowne

Head Sandwich Run Coordinator

I'm Elise and I’m a third year student studying Economics. Homed is a society which makes a genuine difference to people’s lives and I am so happy to be a part of it this year as a Head Sandwich Run Coordinator. The sandwich runs in particular demonstrate how small acts of kindness can mean so much to someone with so little. I look forward helping Homed grow and to reach out to more of the homeless community with these simple acts this year!

Olivia Russell

Head Emmaus Coordinator

I am currently intercalating in International Health, going into my fourth year studying Medicine. I have been involved with HOMED since my second year at Leeds. I started as a co-ordinator for Oakdale and then became a head co-ordinator in third year. I really enjoyed working with Oakdale and working with a hostel personally for two years made the experience even more rewarding as I built strong relationships with the staff and individuals living there. I’m really excited to be changing roles this year to head Emmaus co-ordinator as it will be really interesting to meet more individuals and hopefully make an impact on the lives of those who are struggling with homelessness.

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HOMED is a charity run by students @LeedsUniUnion to promote understanding of and encourage engagement with issues relating to homelessness in Leeds.

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