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If you are keen to get more involved we have a number of places left for Hostel and Sandwich run Coordinators. Being a coordinator is a good way to take on a bit more responsibility without having to commit to the full time requirements of being on the committee. It will look great on your CV as many employers like to see people who get involved with voluntary work as it demonstrates a variety of different skills. We are looking for coordinators for each hostel (Seacole and Emmaus) and also a few for the sandwich runs. We will provide you with any training necessary for each role.


You and one other coordinator will be required to organise the food/activity for one of the sessions every two or three weeks, and will be responsible for looking after any volunteers you take with you. You will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred by the session.


One visit/sandwich run every two or three weeks (depending on availability of other coordinators) plus the required time to prepare for the session. If you want to attend the fortnightly committee meetings you are more than welcome to, although this is not compulsory.


The main thing we are looking for is enthusiasm! We want people on our team who we can rely on to turn up to each visit with a positive attitude and desire to help others. You need to be able to organise the food or activity with the other coordinators, as well as sort out transport for you and the volunteers.

If you are interested please get in touch by emailing

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