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We are recruiting coordinators!

HOMED relies on a strong network of volunteers to keep our projects running. As a coordinator you will ensure that we can keep offering vital services to the homeless community in Leeds. Being a coordinator is incredibly rewarding and still flexible to fit around your studies.

As a general guide this is what a coordinator role involves:

- A commitment to attend the hostel visits or sandwich runs roughly once every three weeks. Regular attendance gives you the opportunity to get to know hostel residents and you will also likely see the same people on sandwich runs.

- Being trained by the head coordinator which allows you to take other volunteers on the visits.

- As part of the 'wider committee' you have the opportunity (but not the obligation) to attend committee meetings and suggest ways to improve the society as a whole.

- Committee socials!!!!

If you would like to be a coordinator then please fill out this very short application:

And if you need any more convincing, here is what past coordinators and volunteers have to say about participating:

"It gave me the opportunity to hear about homelessness from a different perspective. It was very rewarding."

"I felt like I was making a real difference to someone else's life and that is something I will always feel very proud of."

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